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Hear the Drummers Drumming

Here we are already feeling the first embers of spring and very pleased about that too! Videos for Firefly and Comfy Slippers are in the final stages of edit while the new album is being sketched out beat by beat in the studio in Brighton, well Hove Actually. The timeline of the year is already established leading to the new album release in September and suddenly it feels like there is a lot to do in a very short space of time. We like it this way, being busy with music is good and Johnny Wore Black is certainly busy.

To Walking Underwater and Beyond…

Estimation we are about three weeks into the release, such a strange time. Johnny Wore Black hit the news again. It’s the first campaign with AdrenalinePR in the US who have been working hard getting Walking Underwater Pt2 out to the media. Funny thing is you never know what you’re gonna find on the world wide webby or who’s gonna say what. To date the reviews have been encouraging adding more to the Johnny Wore Black legacy, which is I may add, still in its infancy. Today Mr JWB himself is actually home in bed nursing a slightly rougher than rough stomach, but what don’t beat ya makes ya blah blah. Those that tune into the JWBHQ, thank you and looking forward to a sharper than hell 2015 where I pledge to you an exciting twelve months!

Walking Underwater Pt.2

All I can say is phew…it’s here. A long time in the making and I hope you enjoy Walking Underwater Pt.2. It’s been a long road since March and the release of Walking Underwater Pt.1 to get this sequel ready for human consumption but here it is, release 26/11/14. The pace of the album has picked up, along with new material and a new US PR Team in the form of AdrenalinePR. David Ellefson and I have been starting to do interviews about the project and all I can say is I will be intrigued to gauge response over the next few weeks and enjoy. Thank you for staying tuned!