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Elements of Everything

I have been slow to update this site it seems social media is quite time consuming, have yet to be convinced of its value. I miss the humanity of the music biz of past years, before the internet was the law and kids used to get excited about going to buy vinyl that they would cherish, hold lovingly and explore the artwork on the cover. So what has been so far this year, well we are in the edit suite with videos for Firefly and Comfy Slippers, both tracks from Walking Underwater Pt.2. The new album is being written at the moment, tempted to let on about the title but will save that so you cant help but tune in here again soon. Its been about PR for  Walking Underwater Pt.2 and digesting reviews and doing radio interviews. The year has started busy for Johnny Wore Black including some recording in Music City, Nashville Tennessee. More on that later.